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Lose weight by drinking water before eating

Lose weight by drinking water before eating-nicehealthtipsIn this busiest world, in these days people do not have sufficient time for physical exercise or to prepare different versions therefore including Pakistan obesity is spreading rapidly throughout the world but now a query has been completed to avoid this problem, according to which by drinking of maximum water in a day is not only help to reduce the body weight but also an amazing reason of look you smart.

After an excogitation in a British university, researchers said that a habit of drinking 500 ml water before eating food, really decrease the weight rapidly. According to researchers, before eating food this change can be a reason of a big benefit and doctors also advice that drinking of water before eating is a beneficial act.

For this ascertain, researchers had choose eighty four middle-aged and obese people and used this method of “water drinking before eating” on them up to 12 weeks, however their life style and meal schedule were prepared through weight management and consultation. After which they were divided into 2 groups, a group of forty one (41) people have been drunk water thirty (30) minutes before taking dinner and the other group of remaining forty three (43) people were watered much longer before dinner as compare to the first group and they were allowed to drink tap water in between however the use of extremely cold water or other type of drinks were prohibited.

After the results, this inquisitiveness proved that the weight of people who drank water longer before the dinner (2nd group) is decreased 1.3 kg as compare to other people however interesting point is that the 1st group of 41 people who drank water 30 minutes before dinner have lose the weight up to 4.3 kg rapidly, it means in only 12 weeks they reduce their weight.

Specialist doctor from university of Birmingham said that the biggest advantage and successes of this inquisitive is its simplicity because only drinking of half liter water three times in a day is very useful to reduce the weight. He further said that when this practice of drinking water will be done with the increase of daily physical activities then it will help more to reduce the weight of human body and this practice it doesn’t takes an extra time from your busy life.

According to medical specialist the water “chemical formula H2O “is very important for the body to process the food. We should drink water as maximum as possible in a day but at least half liter and three times in a day. Usually people drink water after starting the dinner or lunch but it is not good for health, the awareness should be provided to those people that if they drink water before eating food or dinner then it will be very helpful for reducing of their extra weight and fat from body.

Drinking of eight to sixteen glass of water daily is not only beneficial for the body of human to process the eaten food but also perfect solution for reducing of weight or weight lose.

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