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Healthy skin in Monsoon

Healthy skin in MonsoonPimples due to heat give way to moisture to enter in skin during rainy season. In this regard some precautions are required in Monsoon so it can be safe from skin problems.

Problems of fungal infection have to face in monsoon. Usually it effects the wet skin. Skin becomes soft and wet in rainy days and becomes more convenient target. Its result comes in the form of skin itching, irritation, skin may be red, skin rashes from different places. During monsoon both adults and children get itching because of an insect, called ‘Mite’. If child any part of the body complained of itching at night then immediately consult a skin specialist. This condition is not good, if it is not properly treated, it can affect other members in the house. Skin looks weak, dull and oily in rainy days. Sometimes itching starts on it. Consider a few things regarding it.

If your skin begin to dry during rainy season then apply the mixture of rose water and glycerin on face at night before go to sleep. You can also make a mixture of almonds and honey. Apply it on face for 20 minutes, your skin will be soft.

Oily skin effects more in monsoon. Use water-based moisturizer for such skin and wash your face three times in a day. Apply gram flour on face by mixing it in milk or rose water. It will be cleansing of your skin also eliminate the oily touch.

Women can keep their skin refresh with little attention from the rainy season problems.

To avoid the face from dust and seasonal effects use face scrub twice in a week and it will be better to stay away from heavy moisturizing cream, oily foundation and cream based color make up. Face wash gives freshness to skin but do not use it more than one time in a day.

Apply toner whenever wash the face.

If it feel adhesiveness on skin during monsoon days then mix 1 spoon sandal wood powder in rose water and apply it on hands, arms and foot or mix more quantity in coconut oil and put on it near about neck after that take bath.

For oily skin apply combined weight juice of lemon and honey on face. Wash the face after an hour. If you want you can also add egg white in it. It is very suitable for oily skin.

If your skin is dry, mix rose water in a food spoon cream and then apply it on face and wash after 15 minutes.

To moisturizer the oily skin add two spoons rose water two to four drops strawberry juice and two to four drops orange oil and apply it on face, hands and foot and wash within 10 to 15 minutes.

For oily skin apply non boiled milk by mixing it in gram flour and apply on face, hands, arms and foot. Beside it rub papaya on oily skin and take bath after few minutes. It will be remove grease and skin will also be clean.

For dry skin make a blend of two tea spoons of rose water and powder of seven to eight almonds and apply it on face and let it dry. When it dry then wash the face completely and in spite of drying water just rub with towel. By this face will be glow.

To bring life in dry and dull skin mix equal quantities of honey and yogurt put it on face and neck and wash after 15 minutes. Skin toning is very essential at night during monsoon. Use any good anti-infection bacterial toner in order to avoid infection. You can also prepare at home. For that add five drops of blooming jasmine oil in 1 tea spoon of milk and if skin is oily then add some water in lavender oil to dilute it and then apply on face.

Add two tea spoons of glycerin in 1 bowl rose water and apply on whole body. Take bath after 15 minutes. All body dryness will be finish.

Mix sandal wood powder in crushed cucumber and apply on whole body. It will give freshness and fragrance to body.

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