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Eat Green vegetables to keep eye sight strong in old age

Washington: According to medical experts, carrots are the best for eye sight but in a recent research there is a new discovery found that to keep eye sight strong the use of green vegetables is essential.

According to the scientists of Brigham and Women hospital which is situated in Harvard Medical School, there is a high value of nitrate in green vegetables which reduces the threat of dangerous, sight snatching and incurable diseases like open angle Glaucoma up to 30%. Due to open angle Glaucoma disease a liquid filled in Neural veins of eyes and in the result the patient lost his eye sight. The patients of this precarious disease usually lost their eye sight as soon as they reach to the age of sixty (60) years. Medical experts also said that green leafy vegetables are very helpful for the circulation of blood in the body and also a cause of reinforce of the eye sight.

The researchers randomly overviewed the eyes of Sixty Four Thousand (64,000) people during their research, they started the research when the average age of maximum people was round about Forty (40) years and nobody was a patient of Glaucoma disease. After that several questions were asked to the partners about the use of nitrate and Glaucoma. During the research it has been noticed that there is 20-30% less chances of Glaucoma disease in those people who have eaten the green vegetables two-three time in a week.

Maximum people, who know the benefit of green vegetables and green leafy items use green salad leafs with their regular food, which lead them to have a strongest eye sight even if they touch the age of Sixty plus years. So, a common person must have the knowledge about to prevent the Glaucoma disease by eat nitrate full vegetables at least two or three times in a week. Green vegetables are easily available in the markets of Asian countries so people have a good chance to strengthen their God gifted eye sight.

Also, there are several other health benefits can be availed by using of green leafy vegetables, like circulation of blood in the whole body got not only proper but also save people from heart diseases because improper blood circulation in the body can generate several human diseases. People having low eye sight are suggested to use glasses of suitable number and also increase the use of green vegetables which help them to get back their lost eye sight power very soon.

Carrot, which a favorite and lovely vegetable for most of people is also a helpful to keep eye sight better, cocked and fresh carrot is so popular vegetable in all countries of Asia. People round about Sixty (60) years can feel the importance of Carrots and green vegetables especially when they lost the eye sight and have to wear the glasses. So it is better to keep eating or using green leafy vegetables without waiting for to touch the age of 60. In young age their are maximum benefits to use green vegetables.

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