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Don’t be afraid of Aging

Don’t be afraid of agingMay be they cannot accept aging mentally and do every possible try to hide their ageing signs. For that they use all local and international cream and various home tested remedies.

Besides using it you should take balanced diet. Avoid from peeper and spicy food. Meeting of full sleep, plenty use of water also keeps you young. Stay away from things like nervous tension and depression. Be happy and take exercise then you will look young. As far possible keep your temperament simple and keep calm.

The bad effects of anger appear on your face. Take your clothes such that you appear younger. Take care your hair as well, as you take care your hand and face. Hair get colored when dye but some people have allergy from colors. So take information from any good doctor in this regard. We also give you something to help to remove your this concern. For glowing face take equal amount of turmeric and gram flour and by mixing in water or milk make mixture. It can also be applied on all body. Then set off it by semi hot water massage when dry.

To prevent from wrinkles:

Take tomato juice and milk and add rice powder and turmeric powder in it and apply this jumble on skin. Wash it when dry. Milk present in it eradicate dead cells in skin.

For dark circles of eyes:

Turmeric can be used for the dark circles under the eyes by mixing it with butter or sugar cane juice.

To remove acne:

It gain so much advantage to add lemon juice and some water drops in turmeric and by applying on pimples. Acne also reduced by applying sandal powder added in turmeric.

To avoid from oily skin:

Females want to get rid of oily skin so for that add orange juice in sandal powder and apply for ten minutes and then wash with semi hot water.

God forbid if any body part burn during cooking then add aloe Vera gel in turmeric and apply, wound and burning will instantly disappear and marks will also be less.

Facial hair is a major problem for women. Apply turmeric powder mixed in roasted grams and when dry take of it by rubbing. Repeat this procedure for a month it will be fruitful.

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