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Aspergillosis, a disease that harms respiratory system and lungs

Aspergillosis, a disease that harms respiratory system and lungsGerms are present everywhere. These are with us in homes and open places. Science tells us that there are several microscopic organisms beside of germs which live every time of our belongings, clothes and skin. They enter in to our body through inhalation and this process continues every time.

According to experts different types of fungi can ill the human being beside common germs. The infection posed by them sometimes can be life threatening.

It is told in a medical research over 10 million people die in all over the world due to diseases posed by different types of fungi. According to the researchers, there are more than 50 million types of fungi and by grouping them it is came to know after study and research that three groups of them constitute a threat to human life. Here we are narrating the cause and symptoms of diseases of respiratory system and lungs posed by mildew. This bacterium has been identified in the medical world as aspergillosis. Body having weak immune system mostly becomes its prey and its infection is called aspergillosis. It produces in body by making fibers on fungi. According to medical experts, there are different types of the diseases whose treatment method is also different. Expert doctors after considering the severity of the disease and the physical symptoms of a patient recommend antifungal medication or other therapy for treatment. Breathing seriously effects due to this infection.

In case of increased infection it becomes necessary for the patient to have surgery. However decision is taken by specialist. Medical experts say that for a healthy person most types of mold are not harmful. But it increases the risk of infection due to these microscopic creatures in the person who is already suffer in lungs and inhaling diseases. This infection of lungs can extend to other body parts through blood vessels and can be so dangerous. Infection which is pose in the form of aspergillosis of many types and its treatment is also done accordingly to its form. There is a need for surgery in some cases with prescribing antifungal drugs as well.  Signs of aspergillosis shows the severity and nature of disease. In patients who are facing disorder in breathing tract, lungs and digestion due to asthma cystic fibrosis, attack of aspergillosis creates severe allergy which is called Bronchopulmonary. Its common symptoms include mild fever, severe cough with bleeding and difficulty in breathing.

In a form of this disease plague fibers starts to become between spaces of lungs which are known as fungal mass in medical reform. This is very complex condition and major organ such as lungs have to face various diseases. Cough is one of its symptom whose intensity ingresses day by day and it’s also bleeding with cough. It is also observed sudden weight loss with complain of muscle pain. Due to aspergillosis infection even more dangerous. It harms brain, heart, kidney and skin by spreading from lungs.

Our weak immune system is one of its reason. If it should not be treated of infection on time then it can happen death. Its common symptoms include a high fever, sudden cool down of the body, and excessive bleeding with cough, pain in the chest and joint, bleeding through nose and swelling of face from one side. Mildew causing aspergillosis mostly found in old trees and crops. It is also present in spoil food. Its virus also attack on individual who is healthy or having strong immune system but his cells destroy it. Less number of white blood cells in blood also increases the risk of aspergillosis. Different tests are done to test aspergillosis including blood test having mucus. Symptoms of this disease are quite similar to T.B. Beside of adapting methods to treat this disease medical expert can also direct of doing chest X-ray and CT scan. X-ray helps in complete and better diagnosis of the disease. In some cases a medical examination is done of skin. Microscopic test of tissues of lungs of patients of aspergillosis also helps in treatment.

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