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8 most essential diets for women

8 most essential diets for womenLinseed seeds:

Daily use of flax seed is very important for good health. Omega three fatty acids present in it prevent heart diseases and breast cancer. Beside it irritation reducing ingredients present in it prevents from arthritis and from upset stomach.

Salmon Fish:

Iron deficiency in women is common and salmon is rich in iron. Along with it has abundant of omega three acids in it. Omega three also prevents depression.

Barry Cornwall

Many scientific studies have proved that the risks of heart disease and breast cancer increase due to cranberry. . Drinking a glass of juice of berry Cornwall a day can prevent urinary tract infections and it is an effective treatment of it.


Worldwide, the most popular spinach vegetable is enriched with vitamins, minerals and magnesium. Its regular use helps in reducing inflammation in the body, breast hardness, and vomiting and weight loss. Beside it abundance of iron in spinach reduces its deficiency in females.


All the key components to remove the breast cancer are present in walnut. This fruit has main ingredients as anti-oxidants, phytol sterols and omega three fatty acids. There is plenty of folic acid, calcium and magnesium in walnut.


“Oat” is a treasure for women health. Its porridge smooths the blood pressure and by keeping perfect the digestive system prevents from multiple diseases. Oats are rich in vitamin B6. Folic acid present in it does not let birth defects in children.


Lack of calcium is common in women as iron. Women of all age group should drink milk because it has profusion of calcium. Vitamin D present in milk averts weakening of bones in females.


Lycopene is due to the red color in tomatoes. This jumble avoids women from heart diseases and breast cancer.

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