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8 Domestic prescriptions to Reduce Belly Fat

8 Domestic prescriptions to Reduce Belly FatIt’s true that Conscious and fast life, fast food and lack of exercise results in abdominal fat and it is not only give a bad look to a human body impact but also a main reason of increase of heart diseases, blood pressure and it may also lead to other diseases.

If we follow these tips then the chest and abdomen can be set to almost to a same level but consistency and patience is highly needed in this case because belly do not raise in a week and cannot be reduced in a week also therefore below mentioned eight (8) precautionary measures can be very helpful.

Start a day with lemon juice:

Start your routine day with lemon juice; add lemon juice and a pinch of salt in one glass of warm water and drink it, daily use of it can not only keeps the body functions in better condition but also reduces the increase the belly gradually.

Avoid White Rice:

Reduce the use of white rice and start using of brown rice which is beneficial as compare to white, else of brown rice make brown bread and couscous also the part of your diet which will relieve the shortage of fiber and on the other hand it will also help to reduce the extra fat.

Say Goodbye to Sweets:

Although using of sugar and the other things that made of sugar are difficult to stop, but it is important to avoid it. Remember that the soft drinks are also a part of these types of things that have much sugar. On the other hand the oil is do present in sugar beverages that can be cause of increase of fat in stomach, thighs and other parts of body.

Use of Water Maximum:

If you are serious about reducing the width of the pelvis so that the best tip is to drink water as more as possible, water mixes in blood and reduces the molecules of oil and fat however due to maximum water drinking the toxic compounds are go out of body gradually.

Use garlic on an empty stomach:

The eating of one or two garlic every morning is very useful, if a peel of garlic ate after crushing it with a spoon and after that lemon water to be taken on it is not only help to improve the flow of blood but also great cause of reducing of belly fat.

Continue to eat meat:

To reduce the belly fat it is not true to be completely vegetarian because meat is the main ingredient of some substitutes of meat for this purpose the use of poultry and fish will be most appropriate.

Use fresh vegetables and fruits:

Promotion of fruits and vegetables should benefit for the whole body therefore include the fruits and vegetables of each season in your diet, the vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants in it can refresh your body by meets the malnutrition and staying away from oily food will keep your smartness well.

Proper use of spices:

The spices of Indian subcontinents have magical properties, Cinnamon is useful for blood pressure and diabetes, Turmeric is full of anti oxidants and now the benefits of black pepper, coriander, ginger and fenugreek are no more hidden. The appropriate use of these things is useful to keep the quantity of sugar in your blood under control and also keep obesity beyond.

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